Saturday, August 7, 2010


Looky, looky!  I have followers!  I love you guys!

I spent so much time tonight trying to remember my password to my new blogger account (the second blogger account I have because I couldn't remember the password to the first one), I kinda' lost my blogging mojo.  So, here goes nothing....

Today was kinda' nice.  Robert didn't work today.  The man has worked 6 days a week for... ummmm.... probably 6 months now.  So it was nice to have him around today, even if he spent most of the day tinkering in the garage.  Oh wait, he let me sleep late (8:30 woohoo!) and got the pool cleaned out so I could lay out.  :0)  Love that man!

So.... later in the day, the littles lay down for a nap.  MY TIME.  I haven't been able to lay out the last 2 weeks, so I was long overdue.  I TOTALLY lost my cocoa-licious tan!  George Strait on the radio, all by myself, my butt on a raft, floating in the somewhat cool water on a miserably HOT Texas afternoon, sun beating down on my "not so tan" body... I was just getting to total peace and serenity.... when a wasp/yellow jacket stung me.  Martha Focker!  Talk about ruining the mood!

Other than that, just another crazy, busy, teenager and toddler energy filled day. 

Prince B is doing much better since the "adoption talk".  After talking to him that night, he told us that he was scared they were "taking him that way" (pointing to the front door).... translation from a 3 year old child who has been in foster care almost all of his life... he was afraid they were taking him away.  He has talked about some things that happened before he came here.  Things he has never talked about before.  Talked about a "special green fishing pole" that he was REALLY SAD about.  Talked to his relative via email and it was something his other relative was going to get him, but never did.  So now, I HAVE to go get him a special fishing pole!  :0)  I knew that talk bothered him, freaked him out, totally rocked his world.  But I am happy to say, he is just fine.  We are talking a lot about the things he brings up, and for 3 years old, he can tell us a LOT. 

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  1. It is so good he is talking so much - it's weird how they will talk about things out of the blue. V still does that years and years later. You have to get him a fishing pole or I will get one and send it to him...along with some Fun Dip lol!